Power Apps grid control support for editable scenarios in model-driven apps


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jun 2022 - -

Business value

This grid control allows users to be more productive by letting them edit values directly in the grid.

Feature details

Building on the previous work with the Power Apps read-only grid control, the new Power Apps grid control (preview) for model-driven apps is available with two primary changes:

  • Infinite scrolling: Users no longer need to page to see more records. Instead, users can continue scrolling to get to the row(s) they are interested in. Paging buttons will be available as an option for makers.
  • Inline editing within views and subgrids: In addition to being available for read-only scenarios, this control can also be used as an editable grid. When editing is enabled by the maker, users can be more productive by making edits directly in the grid instead of having to make changes in the corresponding form.

This new control continues to align with the latest Microsoft design guidance for styling and continues to support the latest Microsoft accessibility standards.

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