Create or edit document location records

SharePoint document locations are records in model-driven apps in Dynamics 365, such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service, that point to a SharePoint document library or folder.

To store documents for records, the document libraries or folders must be in place. If model-driven apps in Dynamics 365are unable to create the document libraries and folders automatically, you can manually create these in SharePoint. After you create the document libraries and folders in SharePoint, you must create document location records in model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 to point to these SharePoint document libraries and folders.

  1. Go to Settings > Document Management.

  2. Choose SharePoint Document Locations.

  3. Choose New.

  4. Specify the following information as required:

    • Name. Type a name for the document location. This name displays in the location list in the entity record.

    • Owner. By default, you are added as the owner of this location record.

    • Description. Type a description for the document location.

    • URL Type. Select whether you want to create the location with an absolute URL or relative URL.

      • Select Absolute URL, and in the Absolute URL box, specify the fully qualified URL of the location of the folder in SharePoint.

        - OR -

      • Select Relative URL. In Relative URL, to create a relative document location to the existing site or document location record, select the existing SharePoint site or document location record. In the second box, enter the name of the SharePoint folder.

    • Regarding. Choose the Lookup button Lookup button. In the Look Up Record dialog box, in the Look for list, select the type of records you want to find. search and select the record for which you want to create the location record and choose OK.

  5. Choose Save and Close.


To activate or deactivate a document location, on the Document Locations page, select the document location record, and choose Activate or Deactivate.