Quickly navigate with the Microsoft 365 app launcher and the Dynamics 365 home page

Quickly move between apps with the app launcher

The app launcher is built in to all Dynamics and Microsoft 365 apps. Use the app launcher in the top left corner to quickly navigate to your Dynamics application of choice.

Microsoft 365 app launcher


For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government subscriptions, the Microsoft 365 app launcher will take users to either Dynamics 365 apps or the Dynamics 365 admin center. Admins will go to the Dynamics 365 admin center.

Search your apps

If you have a lot of apps, you can also search for specific ones by using the global search bar that is found on most Microsoft products.

Search for Dynamics 365 apps

Viewing all of your business applications

To see all of the business apps that you have access to across Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, you can navigate to the Dynamics home page by selecting the Dynamics 365 tile from the app launcher

Dynamics 365 apps tile on the Microsoft 365 app launcher

This will bring you to the Dynamics 365 home page.

Dynamics 365 home page


The Dynamics 365 home page is not part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government subscription. Clicking Dynamics 365 takes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government users to your environment of Dynamics 365 or to the Dynamics 365 admin center.


If you've just started a trial or upgraded to Dynamics 365, you might need to refresh or open a new browser session to see your apps. There might be a delay for your environment to fully provision.

Your business apps are moving

In the future, the home for all of your business applications across Dynamics and the Power Platform will move to the apps page on office.com. This will help ensure that your end-users have a single spot to find all of their apps across the Microsoft ecosystem. Once the apps on the Dynamics home page have moved to office.com, we will provide a banner redirecting users to their new home.

After October 1, 2020, when users navigate to https://home.dynamics.com, they will be redirected to https://www.office.com/apps with a deep link to their business applications.