Troubleshooting Word templates


Effective November 2020:

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This article helps you troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Word templates.

I'm unable to see an entity image in a Word template for certain out-of-the-box and custom entities


By default, only a few out-of-the-box entities—such as Account, Contact, Opportunity, Order, Invoice, Product, Lead, Goal, and Territory—include an EntityImage value for the Primary Image field, which you can use to upload the image to a Word template. However, for other out-of-the-box (such as Quote, Business Unit, Appointment, and Email) and custom entities, EntityImage isn't available.


To show an image for entities that don't have an EntityImage by default, you create an image field for the entity, upload the entity image to a record, and then add the entity image to the Word template. In the following example, we add an EntityImage for a Discuss contract renewal appointment.

To create an image field for the entity

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.

  2. In the solution explorer, under Components, expand Entities, and then select the entity. In this example, we're selecting the Appointment entity.

Open the Appointment entity

  1. In the Appointment entity, select Fields, and then select New.

Add a new field

  1. In the new field form, enter Entity Image for the Display Name, enter EntityImage for the Name, and for Data Type, select Image.

Add EntityImage as a new field

  1. Save and close the form.

  2. Verify that the new field has been added by selecting the entity name. In this example, we've added Entity Image as a value for the Primary Image field for the Appointment entity.

Entity Image is added to the Primary Image field for the Appointment entity

  1. Publish the customizations.

To upload the entity image to the record

  1. Open the entity record. In this example, we're opening a Discuss contract renewal appointment.

    Open an appointment

  2. Select the image, and in the Choose Image dialog box, select Upload Image.

    Select Upload Image

  3. Select the image, and then select Change.

    Select Change

The image appears beside the entity.

Image updated in the record

To add the entity image to the Word template

  1. Download and open the Word template.

    The downloaded template is saved in the following format:
    recordType organizationDateFormat time localDateFormat time.docx
    For example, the downloaded template name for the appointment is: Appointment 2020-7-15 15-39-27 17-7-2020 12-28-00 PM.docx.

  2. Open the XML Mapping pane, right-click to select new_entityimage, and then select Insert Content Control > Picture.

    Add an image control to a Word template

    The entity image field with the image is added to the Word template.

  3. Save and upload the Word template to your Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app.

Now, when you download and open a document based on this template, it will contain the image you added.


Similarly, if you add an image to an entity form, follow this process to upload the image to the Word template.

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