ALM accelerator for Microsoft Power Platform pipeline sync setup (preview)


For a complete upgrade steps of ALM accelerator for Microsoft Power Platform follow this link

The pipeline sync script was created to make synchronizing the application lifecycle management (ALM) accelerator for Microsoft Power Platform pipeline templates simpler. As the pipeline templates grow and change, users are required to update the pipelines with each release of the accelerator.


The ALM accelerator for Microsoft Power Platform is currently in public preview. While in preview we will be prioritizing feedback and bugs via GitHub New issue. If the issue is something in the platform all we can do is funnel feedback to the responsible product teams. For more information on the current preview status of the ALM Accelerator for Power Platform follow this link.

Pipeline sync setup

To simplify this process, we created another pipeline template that will automatically sync your Azure DevOps repo with the pipeline template repo in the CoE Starter Kit GitHub repository. Follow the steps below to get started using the pipeline sync pipeline.

  1. Initially, you'll need to manually sync a copy of the pipeline templates from the latest release. Follow the steps in the setup documentation to clone the pipeline template repo to your Azure DevOps repo.

  2. In Azure DevOps, go to Pipelines, and then select Create a New Pipeline.

  3. Select Azure Repos Git for your code repository, and point to the Azure DevOps repo you created and seeded with the pipeline templates in step 1.

  4. On the Configure your pipeline page, select Existing Azure Pipelines YAML file, point to /Pipelines/sync-pipeline-repo.yml, and then select Continue.

  5. On the next screen, select Save, select ... next to Run Pipeline, and then select Rename/Move.

  6. Update the pipeline name to sync-pipeline-repo, and then select Save.

  7. Set the TEMPLATE-REPO pipeline variable to


    The sync pipeline can be used to sync any GitHub repo to Azure DevOps. By setting the TEMPLATE-REPO to the source GitHub repo, you can specify the source of the sync.

  8. Run the new pipeline.

  9. Enter the name of the SourceBranch and BranchToCreate in Azure DevOps, the TargetBranch (such as main), and then select Select Run.

  10. After the pipeline runs, a pull request will be created for the BranchToCreate into the TargetBranch. To commit the changes, approve and complete the pull request.

    Verify the pull request created, and then select Approve and Complete.