(Client API reference)

Provides properties and methods to work with the data on a form.

formContext Data object model


Name Description
attributes Collection of non-entity data on the form. Items in this collection are of the same type as the attributes collection, but they are not attributes of the form entity.
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entity Provides methods to retrieve information specific to the record displayed on the page, the save method, and a collection of all the attributes included on the form. Attribute data is limited to attributes represented by fields on the form.
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process Provides objects and methods to interact with the business process flow data on a form.
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Name Description
addOnLoad Adds a function to be called when form data is loaded.
getIsDirty Gets a boolean value indicating whether the form data has been modified.
isValid Gets a boolean value indicating whether all of the form data is valid. This includes the main entity and any unbound attributes.
refresh Asynchronously refreshes and optionally saves all the data of the form without reloading the page.
removeOnLoad Removes a function to be called when form data is loaded.
save Saves the record asynchronously with the option to set callback functions to be executed after the save operation is completed.