Add mixed reality components to your canvas app

You can add a number of mixed reality (MR) components to your canvas app to support multiple 3D and MR scenarios.

Components are groups of controls that can answer the need for a specific scenario. For example, you can use these MR components to:

  • View and manipulate 3D content.
  • Overlay 3D content and 2D images onto the feed from the camera.
  • Measure distance, area, and volume using your device with MR.
  • Identify spaces in the real world through an MR overlay.

A photo showing the Power Apps editor portal with the view in 3D component next to the app on a mobile device.

You can read more about components and how to build your own in Power Apps component framework docs.

The following prebuilt components can be used for MR scenarios:

You can insert them into your apps from the Insert pane, under Media and Mixed Reality:

See the mixed reality components under Media and Mixed Reality.


The MR components in Power Apps leverage Babylon and Babylon React Native. As a result of this shared MR platform, 3D content that works in the Babylon sandbox should work in Power Apps.

If you encounter problems with content that works in Babylon but not in Power Apps, submit a question to the Power Apps community forum.

Read more about our integration with Babylon..


Mixed-reality capable devices

To use the components in an app created with Power Apps, the device that runs the app (such as a phone or tablet) needs to have specific hardware and software. The device you use to create the app in the Power Apps studio (such as your PC) does not need to be MR-capable.

For Android devices

For Android devices, this means you'll need to have the ARCore services installed. ARCore is usually installed automatically as part of the default set of apps and services on your device if it supports MR. The services are referred to as Google Play Services for AR. If necessary, you can download Google Play Services for AR from the Google Play Store.

For more details on ARCore and supported devices, see the list of supported devices on the Google ARCore support site.

For devices in China, the experience is a little different as you'll need to download ARCore from specific, supported app stores in China.

For iOS (Apple) devices

For iOS devices, MR is supported on specific hardware with ARKit. See the list of iOS devices supported for MR at the bottom of the Apple augmented reality website.

Mixed reality components

Start installing the components in your apps:


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