Assign model-driven app form order

When you have multiple main, quick create, quick view, or card forms for an entity, you can assign a form order. The form order determines which of the available forms will be shown by default. The available main forms can be further controlled by assigning security roles to the form. See Control access to forms for more information.

You can't assign security roles to quick create, quick view, or card forms, so the only form that will be used by everyone is the one at the top of the form order.

To assign a form order

  1. Open the solutions explorer, expand the entity that you want, and then select Forms.

  2. In the form list toolbar select Form Order.

    Form order toolbar command

  3. Choose either Main Form Set, Quick Create Form Set, Quick View Form Set, or Card Form Set depending on the type of forms you want to work with. More information: Type of forms.

  4. The Form Order dialog is a simple list where you can move a selected form up or down in the form order.

  5. After you have set the order you want, click OK to close the dialog.

Next steps

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