Create a model-driven app system chart

In this topic you learn how to create a system chart. System charts are organization-owned charts, which makes them available to anyone with access to read the data running the app. System charts can't be assigned or shared with specific app users.

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. Expand Data, select Entities, select the entity that you want, and then select the Charts tab.

  3. On the toolbar, select Add chart.

  4. Specify the type of chart, and how the data is displayed in the chart.

    • Enter the chart name, such as Number of employees by account.

    • In the Select Field dropdowns:

      • In the Select Field Series axis dropdown select a field such as Number of Employees.
      • In the Select Field Category axis dropdown select a field such as Account Name.
    • Add a description to identify the purpose of the chart, such as This column chart displays the number of employees by account name.

    Sample chart

  5. Select Save and Close.

Known issues

In the chart designer, adding a order by on certain calculated fields are not supported and will cause an error. The calculated fields causing this are using another calculated fields, a related entity field, or a local field on the entity.

Next steps

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