Clear the server-side cache for a portal

As a portal administrator, you can clear the server-side cache for the entire portal so that updated data from Common Data Service is immediately reflected on the portal. Updates from Common Data Service are communicated to the portal in asynchronous mode, so there might be a lag between the time data is updated in Common Data Service and the time that updated data appears on the portal. To eliminate this delay—for example, when it interferes with portal configuration—you can force the portal to refresh its cache immediately.


The SLA for cache refresh (data transfer between Common Data Service and portal) is 15 minutes.

To clear the server-side cache

  1. Sign in to the portal as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to the URL as follows: <portal_path>/_services/about

  3. Select Clear Cache.

The server-side cache is deleted, and data is reloaded from Common Data Service. Note that clearing the portal server-side cache will temporarily cause poor portal performance while data is being reloaded from Common Data Service .

Clear the portal cache