Customize content by using content snippets

Content snippets are small chunks of editable content that can be placed by a developer on a page template, allowing for customizable content to populate any portion of a page's layout easily. Snippet controls, which are responsible for rendering the content of snippets on the web-facing portal, are placed on a page template by developers.

Edit snippets

Snippets can be edited either through the Portal Management app. The main power of the snippet is the fact that you can abstract a bit of content (other than the main copy of the page) and edit it separately, allowing essentially any static content on your site to be fully content-managed and editable.

  1. Open the Portal Management app.

  2. Go to Portals > Content Snippets.

  3. To create a new snippet, select New.

  4. To edit an existing snippet, select an existing Content Snippet in the grid.

Enter values for the following fields:

Name Description
Name The name can be used by a developer to place the snippet value into a page template within the portal's code.
Website The website that is associated with the snippet.
Value The content of the snippet to be displayed in the portal. This can contain plain text or HTML markup.