Portal templates

Based on the selected environment in Power Apps, you can create a Common Data Service starter portal or a portal in an environment containing model-driven apps in Dynamics 365.

Environment with Common Data Service

If you select an environment that contains Common Data Service, you can create a Common Data Service starter portal. The Common Data Service starter portal comes with the sample data for you to quickly get started. It also has the following built-in sample pages:

  • Default studio template
  • Page with title
  • Page with child links

Environment with model-driven apps in Dynamics 365

If you select an environment that contains model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 (Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, or Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation), you can create the following portals:

  • Customer self-service portal: A customer self-service portal enables customers to access self-service knowledge, support resources, view the progress of their cases, and provide feedback.

  • Partner portal: A partner portal allows every organization with resellers, distributors, suppliers, or partners to have real-time access to every stage of shared activities.


    Field Service and Project Service packages must be installed in your Dynamics 365 organization to enable respective options. For more information, see Integrate Project Service Automation and Integrate Field Service.

  • Employee self-service portal: An employee self-service portal creates an efficient and well-informed workforce by streamlining common tasks and empowering every employee with a definitive source of knowledge

  • Community portal: A community portal leverages peer-to-peer interactions between customers and experts to organically grow the catalog of available knowledge from knowledge base articles, forums, and blogs as well as providing feedback through comments and ratings

  • Portal from blank: Create a website to share data with external and internal users. This template comes with sample pages to get you quickly started.

Portal templates features

The table below summarizes the features associated with each portal template:

Feature Customer self-service portal Partner portal Employee self-service portal Community portal Portal from blank Common Data Service starter portal
World Ready
Multi-Language Support
Portal Administration
Customization and Extensibility
Content Management
Knowledge Management
Support/Case Management
Faceted Search
Profile Management
Subscribe to Forum Thread
Azure AD Authentication
Project Service Automation Integration
Field Service Integration
Partner Onboarding
Portal Base
Portal Workflows
Web Notifications
Microsoft Identity
Identity Workflows
Web Forms