Install the Power Apps personal app in Microsoft Teams

A personal app is a Teams application that has a personal scope. Power Apps is by default available for you to select and add to a tab in the Teams channel of your choice. More information: Personal apps

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, and then select More added apps (...).

  2. Search for Power Apps.

    Search for Power Apps

  3. Select Add.

    Add Power Apps

Power Apps is now added to Teams. You can access the app in Teams from the left pane.

Power Apps app


As an alternative to using the flyout menu, you can select Apps from the lower-left corner in Teams, and then search for Power Apps to install the app.

Pin Power Apps to Teams

To easily access Power Apps app, right click the Power Apps app from More added apps, and then select Pin.

Pin Power Apps app

This action adds Power Apps to the Teams left rail for quick access.

When you pin Power Apps app, the text of the app icon in the Teams rail changes from italicized to normal to reflect the pinned app.

Italic text change for app icon

You can unpin Power Apps app anytime with a right click on the Power Apps app from the left rail, and then by selecting Unpin.

Unpin Power Apps app

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