I get an error "[your account] isn't in our system"

You can see this error message if the Connect-AzureAD cmdlet fails. There are several possible causes:

  1. You actually typed in an account name that doesn't exist because there is a typo in the name. Remedy: retype the account name, this time don't make the typing error :)
  2. The account exists but is in a different Azure Environment Example: You're working in the German cloud but you didn't specify the German cloud as the target in your Connect-AzureAD cmdlet call. Remedy: Specify the AzureEnvironmentName in the Connect-AzureAd cmdlet call, like this:
Connect-AzureAD -AzureEnvironmentName AzureGermanyCloud

You can specify the following values for -AzureEnvironmentName:

  • AzureCloud
  • AzureChinaCloud
  • AzureUSGovernment
  • AzureGermanyCloud