Add Drivers for Operating System Images

If you will be deploying nodes from bare metal by using a node template that includes an operating system image, and those nodes require special device drivers, you will need to add those drivers to the operating system images stored on your head node. The drivers that you add must be in the .inf format, and must be accessible from the head node.


The device drivers that you add will be available to operating system images that you add to the image store, but not to images that are created by capturing an existing node.


It is recommended that you obtain the latest device drivers for your nodes from the websites of your hardware vendors.


Never manage drivers manually. Always use HPC Cluster Manager tools to maintain images and drivers.

To add drivers for the operating system images

  1. In Configuration, in the Navigation Pane, click Deployment To-do List.

  2. In the Deployment To-do List, under Optional deployment tasks, click Manage drivers. The Manage Drivers dialog box appears.

  3. Click Add, and then type or browse to the location of the setup information file for the driver that you want to add (.inf file format).

  4. To add the driver to the list of drivers, click Open.

  5. Repeat the two previous steps for all drivers that you want to add.

  6. After you are done adding drivers, click Close.

Additional considerations

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