Gets global web content objects.


   [-Locale <CultureInfo[]>]


The Get-AdfsGlobalWebContent cmdlet gets all global web content objects or the global web content object that corresponds to the locale that you specify. If you do not specify the Locale parameter, the cmdlet gets global web content objects for all locales.


Example 1: Get global web content for all locales

PS C:\> Get-AdfsGlobalWebContent

Locale                                            :
CompanyName                                       :
HelpDeskLink                                      :
HelpDeskLinkText                                  :
HomeLink                                          :
HomeLinkText                                      :
PrivacyLink                                       :
PrivacyLinkText                                   :
CertificatePageDescriptionText                    :
SignInPageDescriptionText                         :
SignOutPageDescriptionText                        :
ErrorPageDescriptionText                          :
ErrorPageGenericErrorMessage                      :
ErrorPageAuthorizationErrorMessage                : You have been denied access.
ErrorPageDeviceAuthenticationErrorMessage         :
ErrorPageSupportEmail                             :
UpdatePasswordPageDescriptionText                 :
SignInPageAdditionalAuthenticationDescriptionText :

This command gets the global web content for all locales.

Example 2: Get the global web content for a locale

PS C:\> Get-AdfsGlobalWebContent -Locale en-us

This command gets the global web content for the en-us locale. If you did not specify a locale when you modified properties of the global web content by using the Set-AdfsGlobalWebContent cmdlet, the cmdlet returns no additional information.

Optional Parameters


Specifies an array of locales. The cmdlet gets the global web content associated with the locales that you specify.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False



This cmdlet generates a System.IdentityServer.Management.Resources.AdfsGlobalWebContent object that represents global web content. The object includes the following properties:

  • Locale: System.Globalization.CultureInfo
  • CompanyName: System.String
  • HelpDeskLink: System.Uri
  • HelpDeskLinkText: System.String
  • HomeLink: System.Uri
  • HomeLinkText: System.String
  • PrivacyLink: System.Uri
  • PrivacyLinkText: System.String
  • SignInPageDescriptionText: System.String
  • SignOutPageDescriptionText: System.String
  • ErrorPageDescriptionText: System.String
  • ErrorPageGenericErrorMessage: System.String
  • ErrorPageAuthorizationErrorMessage: System.String
  • ErrorPageDeviceAuthenticationErrorMessage: System.String
  • ErrorPageSupportEmail: System.String
  • ErrorPageSupportEmailText: System.String
  • UpdatePasswordPageDescriptionText: System.String
  • CertificatePageDescriptionText: System.String
  • SignInPageAdditionalAuthenticationDescriptionText: System.String