Tests whether a configuration is protected.


    [-Namespace] <String>


The Test-MgmtSvcProtectedConfiguration cmdlet tests whether the sections of the Web.config file that contain secrets are protected. If the configuration for the namespace is protected, a value of True is returned. If the configuration is not protected, a value of False is returned. The cmdlet displays a warning if the configuration is not protected.

It is recommended that you keep your Web.config file protected. To protect a configuration, use the Protect-MgmtSvcConfiguration cmdlet. You can unprotect your configuration to update the Web.config file by using the Unprotect-MgmtSvcConfiguration. However, you should then return the configuration to a protected state.


Example 1: Test a protectected configuration

PS C:\> Test-MgmtSvcProtectedConfiguration -Namespace "AdminSite"

This command tests the protected configuration for the namespace AdminSite.

Required Parameters


Specifies a namespace.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByPropertyName)
Accept wildcard characters:False