Gets PowerShell repositories.


   [[-Name] <String[]>]


The Get-PSRepository cmdlet gets PowerShell module repositories that are registered for the current user.


Example 1: Get all module repositories

PS C:\> Get-PSRepository
Name                                     SourceLocation                                     OneGetProvider       InstallationPolicy
----                                     --------------                                     --------------       ------------------
PSGallery                                http://go.micro...                                 NuGet                Untrusted
myNuGetSource                            https://myget.c...                                 NuGet                Trusted

This command gets all module repositories registered for the current user.

Example 2: Get module repositories by name

PS C:\> Get-PSRepository -Name "*NuGet*"

This command gets all module repositories that include NuGet in their names.

Example 3: Get a module repository and format the output

PS C:\> Get-PSRepository -Name "Local01" | Format-List * -Force
Name                      : local01
SourceLocation            : http://manikb-dev:8765/api/v2/
Trusted                   : True
Registered                : True
InstallationPolicy        : Trusted
PackageManagementProvider : NuGet
PublishLocation           : http://pattif-dev:8765/api/v2/package/
ScriptSourceLocation      : http://pattif-dev:8765/api/v2/artifacts/psscript
ScriptPublishLocation     : http://pattif-dev:8765/api/v2/package/
ProviderOptions           : {}

This command gets the repository named Local01 and uses the pipeline operator to pass that object to the Format-List cmdlet.

Optional Parameters


Specifies the names of the repositories to get.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByPropertyName)
Accept wildcard characters:False