Adds the list of source volumes to the backup policy.


   [-Policy] <WBPolicy>
   [-Volume] <WBVolume[]>


The Add-WBVolume cmdlet adds a list of source volumes to a WBPolicy object.

To use this and any other Windows Server 2012 Backup cmdlets, you must be a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group.


Example 1: Add a list of volumes to a backup policy

PS C:\>$Volumes = Get-WBVolume PS C:\>$Policy = Get-WBPolicy PS C:\> Add-WBVolume -Policy $Policy -Volume $Volumes

This example adds a list of volumes for backup to the WBPolicy object.

The first command stores the output of the Get-WBVolume cmdlet in the variable named $Volumes.

The second command calls the Get-WBPolicy cmdlet and assigns the result to the $Policy variable.

The third command adds the volumes in the $Volumes variable to the backup policy.

Required Parameters


Specifies a WBPolicy object that contains the backup policy to update.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByPropertyName)
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies an array of volumes to add to the WBPolicy object.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByPropertyName)
Accept wildcard characters:False


WBVolume [], WBPolicy

The Add-WBVolume cmdlet accepts WBVolume objects, which contain a new list of source volumes for the backup, and WBPolicy objects as input.



The Add-WBVolume cmdlet outputs the list of WBVolume objects in the WBPolicy object, including the WBVolume objects that the cmdlet just added.


  • The WBPolicy object must be in edit mode. To put the WBPolicy object in edit mode for a policy that you set as the scheduled backup policy, use the Get-WBPolicy cmdlet with the Editable parameter. The New-WBPolicy cmdlet creates a new WBPolicy object that is already in edit mode.