Gets a Boolean value that indicates whether system state recovery was added to the backup policy.


   [-Policy] <WBPolicy>


The Get-WBSystemState cmdlet gets a Boolean value that indicates whether the ability to perform system state recoveries along with the backups was added to the WBPolicy object. If the system state is not in the list of items to be backed up, use the Add-WBSystemState cmdlet to add it to the list.

To use this or any other Windows Server 2012 Backup cmdlets, you must be a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group.


Example 1: Get the system state setting from the backup

PS C:\>$Policy = Get-WBPolicy PS C:\> Get-WBSystemState -Policy $Policy

This example displays a Boolean value that indicates whether the system state setting was added to the WBPolicy object $Policy. The system state setting enables you to use the backups to perform system state recoveries.

The first command stores the result of the Get-WBPolicy cmdlet to the variable named $Policy

The second command displays the result of the Get-WBSystemState cmdlet using the variable named $Policy.

Required Parameters


Specifies a WBPolicy object that contains the backup policy to display.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True (ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters:False



The Get-WBSystemState cmdlet queries the WBPolicy object for the backup policy.



The Get-WBSystemState cmdlet displays a Boolean value to indicate whether the system state is included in the WBPolicy object.