OutOfBand Element

In a pipeline, the first object emitted is chosen as the type to format the output of the pipeline. PowerShell attempts for format subsequent objects using the same view. If the object does not fit the view, it is not displayed. You can create OutOfBand views that can be used for format these other types.


  • Configuration Element
  • ViewDefinitions Element
  • View Element
  • OutOfBand Element



Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the OutOfBand element.



Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
View Element Defines a view that displays one or more .NET objects.


When the "shape" of formatting (view) has been determined by previous objects, you may want objects of different types to continue using that shape (table, list, or whatever) even if they specify their own views. Or sometimes you want your view to take over. When OutOfBand is true, the view applies regardless of previous objects that may have selected a different view.

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