Microsoft Update for PowerShell FAQ

Beginning with PowerShell 7.2, when you install using the MSI package you have the option of enabling Microsoft Update support for PowerShell.

General Information

What version of Windows is required to support the Microsoft Update feature?

You must have Windows 10 RS3 (10.0.16299) or newer installed.

How soon after release are updates advertised by Microsoft Update?

When a new version of PowerShell is released, it can take up to two weeks for that version to become available through Microsoft Update. Updates are delivered as optional software updates, even if the update contains a security fix.

Do I need to check both boxes in the setup dialog?

While the two options on the dialog are independent, in most cases, it's best to check both boxes.

PowerShell setup - Microsoft Update dialog

What does each checkbox do?

The first checkbox enables updates for PowerShell. These updates can be delivered by Microsoft Update, a WSUS server, or SCCM. If this checkbox is unchecked, you cannot receive updates through any of these channels.

The second checkbox enables Microsoft Update on your system. This allows you to receive updates for any supported Microsoft software, not just Windows. If the box is unchecked, you will not receive the update from Microsoft Update, but you can receive updates from WSUS or SCCM.

What if I want to opt-out later?

If you want to opt-out of updates later, you can run the MSI install package and uncheck the first checkbox. Unchecking the second checkbox has no effect.

Can I enable these update options from the command line or in a script?

Yes. The MSI package includes two new MSI options for enabling the update features:

  • USE_MU - This property has two possible values:
  • 1 (default) - Opts into updating through Microsoft Update, WSUS, or SCCM
  • 0 - Do not opt into updating through Microsoft Update, WSUS, or SCCM
    • 1 (default) - Opts into using Microsoft Update for Automatic Updates
    • 0 - Do not opt into using Microsoft Update


Setting ENABLE_MU=0 does not disable Microsoft Update.


I haven't received an update for the new release. Why not?

There can be several reasons for not receiving the update:

  • We may not have published the update yet. Our goal is to make the update available to Microsoft Update within two weeks of release, but there is no guarantee for that availability.
  • Make sure you have checked both checkboxes. Do a repair install using the MSI to ensure that both checkboxes are checked.
  • There are group policy settings that control Microsoft Update. Your system administrator may have policies set that prevent you from using Microsoft Update. The checkbox in the installer cannot override the Group Policy.