WMI Registry Classes

The System Registry provider creates several method and event classes that allow WMI scripts or applications to interact with the registry. For more information about how to obtain or change registry data, create or delete keys or values, or subscribe to registry events, see Modifying the System Registry.

Registry event classes

You can subscribe to registry events including changes in a subtree, key, or value. For more information, see topics under Registering for System Registry Events and Receiving a WMI Event.

Event class Description
RegistryEvent Abstract class from which the other registry event classes are derived.
RegistryKeyChangeEvent Represents changes to a specific registry key.
RegistryTreeChangeEvent Represents changes to a specific key or its subkeys.
RegistryValueChangeEvent Represents changes to a single value of a specific key.



The StdRegProv class contains only methods. You cannot create or get an instance of StdRegProv. The Win32_Registry class contains configuration data about the registry. The only registry configuration you can change through WMI is the ProposedSize property.

A script or application can define a new class with properties that represent registry data for particular keys and store the classes in the WMI repository. Define the class as described in topics under Programming with the System Registry Provider.

Two versions of the System Registry provider are available on 64-bit platforms starting with Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). For more information, see Getting and Providing Data on a 64-bit Computer.

Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP: Only the 32-bit version of the System Registry provider is available.