IVSSEvents_Event Members 

See IVSSEvents

The following tables list the members exposed by the IVSSEvents_Event type.

Public Methods

  Name Description
Public method add_AfterAdd See AfterAdd.  
Public method add_AfterBranch See AfterBranch.  
Public method add_AfterCheckin See AfterCheckin.  
Public method add_AfterCheckout See AfterCheckout.  
Public method add_AfterEvent See AfterEvent.  
Public method add_AfterRename See AfterRename.  
Public method add_AfterUndoCheckout See AfterUndoCheckout.  
Public method add_BeforeAdd See BeforeAdd.  
Public method add_BeforeBranch See BeforeBranch.  
Public method add_BeforeCheckin See BeforeCheckin.  
Public method add_BeforeCheckout See BeforeCheckout.  
Public method add_BeforeEvent See BeforeEvent.  
Public method add_BeforeRename See BeforeRename.  
Public method add_BeforeUndoCheckout See BeforeUndoCheckout.  
Public method add_BeginCommand See BeginCommand.  
Public method add_EndCommand See EndCommand.  
Public method remove_AfterAdd See AfterAdd.  
Public method remove_AfterBranch See AfterBranch.  
Public method remove_AfterCheckin See AfterCheckin.  
Public method remove_AfterCheckout See AfterCheckout.  
Public method remove_AfterEvent See AfterEvent.  
Public method remove_AfterRename See AfterRename.  
Public method remove_AfterUndoCheckout See AfterUndoCheckout.  
Public method remove_BeforeAdd See BeforeAdd.  
Public method remove_BeforeBranch See BeforeBranch.  
Public method remove_BeforeCheckin See BeforeCheckin.  
Public method remove_BeforeCheckout See BeforeCheckout.  
Public method remove_BeforeEvent See BeforeEvent.  
Public method remove_BeforeRename See BeforeRename.  
Public method remove_BeforeUndoCheckout See BeforeUndoCheckout.  
Public method remove_BeginCommand See BeginCommand.  
Public method remove_EndCommand See EndCommand.  


Public Events

  Name Description
Public event AfterAdd See AfterAdd
Public event AfterBranch See AfterBranch
Public event AfterCheckin See AfterCheckin
Public event AfterCheckout See AfterCheckout
Public event AfterEvent See AfterEvent
Public event AfterRename See AfterRename
Public event AfterUndoCheckout See AfterUndoCheckout
Public event BeforeAdd See BeforeAdd
Public event BeforeBranch See BeforeBranch
Public event BeforeCheckin See BeforeCheckin
Public event BeforeCheckout See BeforeCheckout
Public event BeforeEvent See BeforeEvent
Public event BeforeRename See BeforeRename
Public event BeforeUndoCheckout See BeforeUndoCheckout
Public event BeginCommand See BeginCommand
Public event EndCommand See EndCommand


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