How to: Deploy a Project to a Server

You can use the Visual SourceSafe Explorer Deploy command on the Web menu to copy the currently selected project to a live Web server, or to multiple servers. You can deploy only an entire project, not single files. Since the Deploy command makes your project public, you must have the Destroy right for the project.


The Deploy command is useful in many instances other than Web file deployment. For example, you might use it to publish a set of product specification .doc files to a public server.

The location of the Web server that you use for deployment is a folder or FTP site set up by your Visual SourceSafe administrator. See How to: Enable Web Projects.

To deploy a project to a server:

  1. See your database administrator to obtain the deployment path to use for deploying to a server.

  2. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, select the project to deploy.

  3. On the Web menu, click Deploy.

  4. In the Deploy dialog box, use the To box to specify the folder to which to deploy the project. You can type in the folder path or click Browse to locate the path.

  5. If desired, you can select the Make writable check box to make the files in the Web project read/write.

  6. Click OK.

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