UiaStructureChangedEventArgs Structure

Note  This structure is deprecated.

Contains information about an event that is raised when the structure of the Microsoft UI Automation tree changes.


typedef struct {
    EventArgsType Type;
    int EventId;
    StructureChangeType StructureChangeType;
    int *pRuntimeId;
    int cRuntimeIdLen;
} UiaStructureChangedEventArgs;


  • Type
    A value from the EventArgsType enumerated type indicating the type of event.
  • EventId
    The identifier of the event. For a list of event identifiers, see Event Identifiers.
  • StructureChangeType
    A value from the StructureChangeType enumerated type indicating the type of change that has taken place.
  • pRuntimeId
    The address of an array of runtime identifiers for elements involved in the change.
  • cRuntimeIdLen
    The count of elements in the array.

Structure Information

Header uiautomationcoreapi.h
Minimum operating systems Windows XP