Windows Media Player 11 SDK IWMPEvents3::CdromBurnMediaError 

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The CdromBurnMediaError event occurs when an error happens while burning an individual media item to a CD.


    void CdromBurnMediaError(
  IWMPCdromBurn*  pCdromBurn,
  IDispatch*  pMedia



[in]  Pointer to the IWMPCdromBurn interface that represents the burning operation that raised the error.


[in]  Pointer to the IDispatch interface that represents the media item that raised the error. Call QueryInterface through this pointer to retrieve a pointer to IWMPMedia.

Return Values

This method does not return a value.


To capture generic errors, handle the CdromBurnError event.

You can also handle this event through an IDispatch event sink by using the _WMPOCXEvents interface.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile: This event is not supported.


Version: Windows Media Player 11.

Header: Include wmp.h.

Library: Use wmp.dll.

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