Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Classes

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) provider supplies classes and data from Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) operations to the operating system. It also supports an IPMI driver class. The __Win32Provider instance that represents this provider is named "IPMIPrv".

The IPMI provider is installed by default.

Windows Server 2003 R2: The IPMI provider is not installed by default but is available as the Hardware Management feature through the Add/Remove System Components feature of the Control Panel under Management and Monitoring Tools. For more information, see IPMI Provider.

IPMI Provider Classes

The IPMI provider has objects that describe the baseboard management controller (BMC) hardware management domain, the BMC computer systems in the domain, and the BMC sensors. Other objects represent the BMC System Event Log (SEL) and the messages in the log.

Use these classes to obtain BMC hardware data. If you are implementing your own version of an IPMI provider, use the IPMI driver class.

AdminDomain Represents a grouping of computer system elements, represented by ComputerSystem instances.
ComputerSystem Represents a computing system in the management domain defined by AdminDomain.
LogRecord Represents a log entry in the BMC System Event Log (SEL).
NumericSensor Represents a numeric type of sensor.
RecordLog Represents the BMC System Event Log (SEL).
Sensor Represents a hardware device capable of measuring the characteristics of some physical property, for example, the temperature or voltage of the computer system monitored by the BMC.
SystemSpecificCollection Represents the collection of sensors for the BMC. Each ComputerSystem that represents a BMC has only one SystemSpecificCollection child.


IPMI Driver Class

The IPMI hardware management also includes the Microsoft_IPMI driver class. This class includes methods that a provider implementation uses to communicate with the BMC. You only need to call these methods if you are writing your own version of an IPMI provider. Otherwise, use the IPMI provider classes to obtain BMC data through the Microsoft IPMI provider.

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