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A marquee is a scrolling text display box that displays information from one or more text display boxes. You do not need to add a marquee, but it can be very useful when you have detailed information you want to display to the user in a limited space.

The text in the marquee will scroll only if both of the following conditions are met:

  • You have more text to display in the marquee than the width of the marquee display box.
  • The media item is either stopped or paused.

The Marquee section of the skin definition file must begin with this line:


Note To maintain compatibility with versions of Windows Media Player Mobile older than Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, using "Marquis" in a skin definition file is still considered valid.

You then must add one or more lines that contain information about each of the marquee display boxes in your skin.


You can use the following template for the Marquee section of your skin definition file:


You must use the following order for information in each line of the Marquee section (each part of the line is required):

  1. Marquee Location
  2. Marquee Font
  3. Marquee Color
  4. Text Combinations

For an example of Marquee code, see Sample Marquee Section.


Version: Windows Media Player 1.0 or later.

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