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This IOCTL receives an array of logical sectors and returns an array of addresses. Each array of addresses corresponds to the statically mapped virtual address for a particular logical sector.


  • dwIoControlCode
  • lpInBuf
    [in] Array of DWORD values, where each entry contains a logical sector to look up.
  • nInBufSize
    [in] Size of the input buffer, in bytes.
  • lpOutBuffer
    [out] Array of DWORD values, where each entry contains a statically mapped virtual address. The buffer must be allocated by the caller in order to be the same size as the input buffer. If an entry contains 0xFFFFFFFF, then the logical sector provided is invalid.
  • nOutBufferSize
    [out] Size of the output buffer, in bytes. This value must be equal to nInBufSize.
  • lpBytesReturned
    Not used.

Return Values

Returns an array of addresses. If a logical sector is invalid, the corresponding entry in the output array contains 0xFFFFFFFF.


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.0 and later.
Header: Diskio.h.

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