Differences Between the Windows CE and Windows NT Implementations of TAPI

Windows CE 3.0 supports a subset of the Microsoft Windows NT® version 4.0 implementation of TAPI 2.0. Although both operating systems (OS), with a few exceptions, support the same APIs, there are some differences in the implementations of TAPI on Windows CE and on Windows NT.

  • Windows CE is Unicode-based. You might have to recompile source code that was written for a Windows NT-based application.
  • Windows CE does not support .inf files for dynamic installation and configuration of telephony service provider (TSP) drivers. Instead, you must use the registry to configure TSP drivers.
  • Windows CE only supports the callback function and the message notification event for the lineInitializeEx function.
  • In Windows NT, the TSPI exports its functions in a dynamic-link library (DLL); in Windows CE, there is just one exported function (TSPI_lineGetProcs) that the TSP must support. The TSPI_lineGetProcs function returns a table that contains pointers to the functions that are in the TSP DLL.
  • Windows NT supports Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to create distributed client/server applications. Windows CE does not implement a client-side/server-side scenario, but only supports local TAPI.

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