Sending an IP Multicast Datagram

To send a multicast datagram, specify an IP multicast address with a range from through as the destination address in a sendto function call.

Use the setsockopt function to set options for IP multicasting.

By default, IP multicast datagrams are sent with a Time to Live (TTL) of 1, which prevents them from being forwarded beyond a single subnetwork. The following code example shows how to change this.

int ttl = 1 ; // Limits to subnet.
   (char *)&ttl, 

Multicast datagrams with a TTL of 0 are not transmitted on any subnetwork. Multicast datagrams with a TTL of greater than 1 may be delivered to more than one subnetwork, if there are one or more multicast routers attached to the first subnetwork.

A multicast router does not forward multicast datagrams with destination addresses from through, inclusive, regardless of their TTL value. This address range is reserved for routing protocols and other low-level, topology discovery protocols, or maintenance protocols. These include gateway discovery protocols and group membership reporting protocols.

Each multicast transmission is sent from a single network interface, even if the host has more than one multicasting-capable interface. The following code example shows how to use the setsockopt function to override the default for subsequent transmissions from a specified socket.

unsigned long addr = inet_addr("");
           (char *)&addr, 

The addr parameter is the local IP address of the outgoing interface. An address of INADDR_ANY may be used to revert to the default interface. This address may be different from that which the socket is bound.

By default, if a multicast datagram is sent to a group to which the sending host belongs, a copy of the datagram on the outgoing interface is looped back by the IP layer for local delivery. Any attempt to disable this multicast loop-back results in the call failing, with the error message WSAENOPROTOOPT.

For an example of an application sending a multicast datagram, see Sending an IP Multicast Datagram Sample.

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