TCP/IP Protocol Suite

The Microsoft TCP/IP protocol suite is comprised of core protocol elements, services, and the interfaces between them. The Network Driver Interface (NDIS) is a public interface. Specifications and programming information are included in the Windows CE Driver Development Kit (DDK). Some information is also available from the Microsoft Internet sites and In addition, there are a number of higher-level interfaces available to applications. The most commonly used is Windows Sockets.

The International Organization for Standardization Open Systems Interconnection (ISO/OSI) model network layer, sometimes called the Internet layer, defines and handles the routing of datagrams. A datagram is a self-contained, independent packet, carrying sufficient data to be routed from source to destination without relying on exchanges between the source and destination computer and the transporting network. TCP/IP protocols residing in the network layer are: the Internet Protocol (IP), the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), the Internet Group Membership Protocol (IGMP), and the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

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