Bluetooth Samples

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The Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK includes samples that provide a base for implementing the Bluetooth technology.

Note   These samples have not been tested and are not intended for production use.

The following table shows the Bluetooth samples.

Sample Description Sample location
Bluetooth Device Discovery (BtSearch) Demonstrates simple Bluetooth device discovery by using Winsock Bluetooth extensions. <Install directory>\Wce500\<Windows Mobile Platform>\Samples\CPP\Win32\Bluetooth\Btsearch
Chatting over Bluetooth (BthChat) Demonstrates how to establish Bluetooth wireless peer-to-peer communications between mobile devices. <Install directory>\Wce500\<Windows Mobile Platform>\Samples\CPP\Win32\Bluetooth\BthChat
Bluetooth Event Notifications (BluetoothEvents) Demonstrates how to get notifications from the Bluetooth stack. It also shows the use of State and Notifications Broker functions to receive notifications about radio state changes. <Install directory>\Wce500\<Windows Mobile Platform>\Samples\CPP\Win32\Bluetooth\BluetoothEvents

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