Error Codes

When you use the Microsoft CRM SDK, you call the APIs through the SOAP interface. The following code sample shows how to catch any errors that occur:


catch (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException err)
strErrorMsg = ("ErrorMessage: " + err.Message + " " +
err.Detail.OuterXml + " Source: " + err.Source );

This code produces the following output when an error occurs (formatting added for readability):

Soap Exception Detail (Detail.OuterXml): 
The user does not hold the necessary privileges.
The caller does not hold the privilege with ID: {A8BFF87F-0DF0-41D4-BABD-F093FAF1E32C}

The following table lists the error codes returned from Microsoft CRM SDK methods.

Error ID Hex Description
IDS_REQUIREDFIELDMISSING 80040200 Required field missing.
IDS_INVALID_XML 80040201 Invalid XML.
IDS_EMPTY_XML 80040202 Empty XML.
IDS_INVALIDARG 80040203 Invalid argument.
IDS_INVALID_USERAUTH 80040204 Invalid user authentication parameter.
IDS_INVALID_PARENT 80040205 Invalid parent object.
IDS_INVALID_PARENTID 80040206 Invalid parent ID.
IDS_INVALID_USERID 80040207 Invalid user ID.
IDS_INVALID_TEAMID 80040208 Invalid team ID.
IDS_INVALID_BUSINESSID 80040209 Invalid business unit ID.
IDS_INVALID_ORGID 8004020A Invalid organization ID.
IDS_INVALID_ITEMID 8004020B Invalid item ID.
IDS_INVALID_SHAREEID 8004020C Invalid ID for the user or team that is shared.
IDS_INVALID_ACCESSRIGHTS 8004020D Invalid access rights.
IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY 8004020E Invalid visibility.
IDS_FAILURE_INITTOKEN 8004020F Failure in obtaining user token.
IDS_INVALID_ASSIGNEEID 80040210 Invalid assignee ID.
IDS_INVALID_ASSOCIATION 80040211 Invalid association.
IDS_INVALID_OWNINGUSER 80040212 Item does not have an owning user.
IDS_INVALID_VISIBILITY_MODIFICATION_ACCESS 80040213 User does not have access to modify the visibility of this item.
IDS_CANNOT_SHARE_OBJECT_WITH_OWNER 80040214 An item cannot be shared with the owning user or a user belonging to the owning team.
IDS_MISSING_OWNER 80040215 Item does not have an owner.
IDS_UNEXPECTED 80040216 An unexpected error occurred.
IDS_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040217 The specified object was not found.
IDS_INVALID_POINTER 80040218 The output pointer was invalid.
IDS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 80040219 The requested functionality is not yet implemented.
IDS_MISSING_BUSINESSID 8004021A The business ID is missing.
IDS_MISSING_USERID_OR_TEAMID 8004021B The user ID or the team ID is missing.
IDS_PRESENT_USERID_AND_TEAMID 8004021C Both the user ID and team ID are present. Only one should be present.
IDS_INVALID_USERID_OR_BUSINESSID_OR_USERS_BUSINESS_INVALID 8004021D One of the following occurred: invalid user ID, invalid business unit ID, or the user does not belong to the business unit.
IDS_CANNOT_GRANT_OR_REVOKE_ACCESS_TO_BUSINESS 8004021E Cannot grant or revoke access rights to a business unit.
IDS_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE 8004021F Invalid object type.
IDS_PRIVILEGE_DENIED 80040220 The user does not hold the necessary privileges.
IDS_CANNOT_ASSIGN_TO_BUSINESS 80040221 Cannot assign an object to a business unit.
IDS_OUTOFMEMORY 80040222 Out of memory.
IDS_ONLY_OWNER_CAN_REVOKE 80040223 Only the owner of an object can revoke the owner's access to that object.
IDS_SERVICE_NOT_RUNNING 80040224 The Microsoft CRM Security Service has not been started.
IDS_USER_NOT_ENABLED 80040225 The specified user is either disabled or is not a member of any business unit.
IDS_ANONYMOUS_ENABLED 80040226 The logged-in user was not found in Active Directory.
IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_OF_ASSOTIATION 80040227 The object you tried to delete is associated with another object and cannot be deleted.
IDS_CANNOT_DELETE_OBJECT_BECAUSE_IT_IS_READ_ONLY 80040228 The object cannot be deleted because it is read-only.
IDS_INVALID_OWNERID 80040229 The owner ID was invalid.
IDS_AD_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS 8004022A An object with the specified name already exists in Active Directory.
IDS_OWNER_NOT_ENABLED 8004022B The specified owner has been disabled.
IDS_DATA_OUTOFRANGE 8004022C Data out of range.
IDS_INVALID_CUSTOMER 8004022D The customer is invalid.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040500 The opportunity does not exist.
IDS_LEAD_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040501 The lead does not exist.
IDS_ACCOUNT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040502 The account does not exist.
IDS_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80040503 The contact does not exist.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_INVALID_PARENT 80040504 The parent of an opportunity must be an account or contact.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_MISSING_PARENT 80040505 The parent of the opportunity is missing.
IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_EXISTS 80040506 A loop exists in the accounts hierarchy.
IDS_ACCOUNT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80040507 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the accounts hierarchy.
IDS_PRESENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT 80040508 You can either specify a contact's parent contact or its account, but not both.
IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_EXISTS 80040509 A loop exists in the contacts hierarchy.
IDS_CONTACT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 8004050A Creating this parental association would create a loop in the contacts hierarchy.
IDS_LEAD_NO_PARENT 8004050B The lead does not have a parent.
IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED 8004050C The lead has not been assigned.
IDS_LEAD_USER_CANNOT_REJECT 8004050D The user does not have the privilege to reject a lead, so he cannot be assigned the lead for acceptance.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ONE_ACCOUNT 8004050E An opportunity can be associated with only one account.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_ORPHAN 8004050F Removing this association will make the opportunity an orphan.
IDS_LEAD_ONE_ACCOUNT 80040510 A lead can be associated with only one account.
IDS_ACCOUNT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES 80040511 The account has child opportunities.
IDS_CONTACT_HAS_CHILD_OPPORTUNITIES 80040512 The contact has child opportunities.
IDS_LEAD_NOT_ASSIGNED_TO_CALLER 80040513 The lead is not being assigned to the caller for acceptance.
IDS_CUSTOMERADDRESS_TYPE_INVALID 80040514 Invalid customer address type.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_IS_ALREADY_CLOSED 80040515 The opportunity is already closed.
IDS_OPPORTUNITY_CANNOT_BE_CLOSED 80040516 The opportunity cannot be closed.
IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_RECIPIENT_TYPE 80040800 An invalid recipient type was specified.
IDS_JOURNALING_UNSUPPORTED_OBJECT_TYPE 80040801 Unsupported type of objects passed in operation.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_DIRECTION 80040802 Event direction code is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_INVALID_EVENT_TYPE 80040803 Invalid event type.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_EVENT_TYPE 80040804 Event type is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_LEAD_ID 80040805 Lead ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_ACCOUNT_ID 80040806 Account ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_OPPORTUNITY_ID 80040807 Opportunity ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_CONTACT_ID 80040808 Contact ID is missing.
IDS_JOURNALING_MISSING_INCIDENT_ID 80040809 Incident ID is missing.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTYADDRESS 80040B00 The object address was not found on the party or the party is marked as no e-mail.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_BADSENDER 80040B01 More than one sender specified.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDER 80040B02 No e-mail address was specified, and the calling user does not have an e-mail address set.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOMSCRMKEY 80040B03 The Microsoft CRM key (mscrm) was not found in the registry.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOMAILSERVERURL 80040B04 The mail server URL was not set in the registry. "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM\mailserverurl"
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NORECIPIENTS 80040B05 At least one system user or queue in the organization must be a recipient.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOPARTICIPATIONMASK 80040B06 The participation type is missing from an activity.
IDS_COMMUNICATIONS_NOSENDERADDRESS 80040B08 The sender does not have an e-mail address on the party record.
IDS_METADATA_NOENTITY 80040E00 The specified entity does not exist.
IDS_METADATA_NOMAPPING 80040E01 The mapping between specified entities does not exist.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALIDUPDATE 80041100 An attempt was made to update a field that cannot be updated.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_UNEXPECTED 80041101 An unexpected error occurred.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOENTITY 80041102 The specified entity was not found.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NOATTRIBUTE 80041103 The specified attribute does not exist on this entity.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_NO_PRIMARY_KEY 80041104 No primary key was found for the specified entity.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_MULTI_PRIMARY_KEY 80041105 Found an unexpected multiple-column primary key.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_BAD_CONDITION 80041106 Incorrect filter condition or conditions.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_ATTRIBUTE_WITH_AGGREGATE 80041107 Attributes cannot be returned when aggregate operation is specified.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_VALUE 80041108 Invalid value specified for type.
IDS_QUERYBUILDER_INVALID_ALIAS 80041109 Invalid alias for aggregate operation.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_DATA 80041400 The role data is invalid.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_ID 80041401 Invalid role ID.
IDS_ROLES_ROLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041402 The specified role does not exist.
IDS_ROLES_ROLE_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041403 A role with the specified name already exists.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_TEMPLATE_ID 80041404 Invalid role template ID.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLEID 80041405 The role ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_BUSINESSID 80041406 The role's business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_ROLE_NAME 80041407 The role name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_MISS_PRIVID 80041408 The privilege ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_ROLES_USER_IN_WRONG_BIZ 80041409 The user belongs to a different business unit than the role.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_ROLE_NAME 8004140A The role name is invalid.
IDS_ROLES_INVALID_DEPTH 8004140B Invalid privilege depth.
IDS_NOTES_NOTE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041700 The specified note does not exist.
IDS_NOTES_ALREADY_ATTACHED 80041701 The specified note is already attached to an object.
IDS_NOTES_LOOP_EXISTS 80041702 A loop exists in the annotation hierarchy.
IDS_NOTES_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041703 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the annotation hierarchy.
IDS_NOTES_NO_ATTACHMENT 80041704 The specified note has no attachments.
IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_NAME 80041A00 The entity name specified is incorrect.
IDS_XML_INVALID_CREATE 80041A01 A field that is not valid for create was specified.
IDS_XML_INVALID_UPDATE  80041A02 A field that is not valid for update was specified.
IDS_XML_INVALID_COLLECTION_NAME 80041A03 The collection name specified is incorrect.
IDS_XML_PARSE_ERROR 80041A04 A parse error was encountered in the XML.
IDS_XML_UNEXPECTED 80041A05 An unexpected error has occurred.
IDS_XML_INVALID_ENTITY_ATTRIBUTES 80041A06 Invalid attributes.
IDS_XML_INVALID_FIELD 80041A07 An invalid value was passed in for a field.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_BUSINESS_NAME 80041D00 The business name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_USER_DOMAINNAME 80041D01 The user's domain name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARENT_BUSINESS 80041D02 The parent business was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_BUSINESS 80041D03 The default user is not in the business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D04 The business unit is not in the same merchant as the parent business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_CAN_NOT_BE_OWN_PARENT 80041D06 The user cannot be its own parent user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_PARENT_HIERARCHY 80041D07 The user is not in the parent user's business unit hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D08 The team captain ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_BUSINESS 80041D09 The team business unit ID was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_TEAM_CAPTAIN_IN_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D0A The team captain is not in the same merchant as the team business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_TEAM_NAME 80041D0B The team name was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_TEAM_PARENT_DIFF_MERCHANT 80041D0C The team is not in the same merchant as the parent business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D0D The team captain cannot be removed.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D0E The partnership primary business unit was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_MISS_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D0F The partnership partner business unit was unexpectedly missing.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PRIMARY_SAME_AS_PARTNER 80041D10 The primary business unit is the same as the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041D11 A partnership between the specified primary business unit and partner business unit already exists.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D12 The caller is not from the primary business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_BUSINESS 80041D13 The default user is not from the primary business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CALLER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D14 The caller is not from the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_DEFAULTUSER_NOT_IN_PARTNER_BUSINESS 80041D15 The default user is not from the partner business unit.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARTNERSHIP_NOT_IN_PENDING_STATUS 80041D16 The partnership has been accepted or declined.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_REMOVE_PARTNERSHIP_DEFAULTUSER 80041D17 The default user of a partnership cannot be removed.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_BUSINESS 80041D18 This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Delete to delete a sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DELETE_PROVISION 80041D19 This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Delete to delete this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_BUSINESS 80041D1A This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Disable to disable this sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_DISABLE_PROVISION 80041D1B This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Disable to disable this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_BUSINESS 80041D1C This is a sub-business. Use IBizMerchant::Enable to enable this sub-business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_ENABLE_PROVISION 80041D1D This is a provisioned root business. Use IBizProvision::Enable to enable this root business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_DOES_NOT_HAVE_PARENT 80041D1E This user does not have a parent user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_INVALID_USERID 80041D1F The user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_EXISTS 80041D20 Loop exists in the business hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_BUSINESS_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041D21 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the business hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D22 The child business unit ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTBUSINESS_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D23 The parent business unit ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_EXISTS 80041D24 Loop exists in the user hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80041D25 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the user hierarchy.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CHILDUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D26 The child user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_PARENTUSER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80041D27 The parent user ID is invalid.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CAN_NOT_MOVE_ROOT_TEAM_CAPTAIN 80041D28 The captain of the root business unit's team cannot be moved.
IDS_BIZMGMT_NO_PARENTBUSINESS 80041D29 The specified business unit does not have a parent business.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_NOT_IN_ACTIVEDIRECTORY 80041D2A The user does not exist in Active Directory.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_SETTINGS_NOT_CREATED 80041D2B The specified user's settings have not yet been created.
IDS_BIZMGMT_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS 80041D2C The specified Active Directory user already exists as a Microsoft CRM user.
IDS_BIZMGMT_CANNOT_READ_ACCOUNT_CONTROL 80041D2D Insufficient permissions to the specified Active Directory user. Contact your system administrator.
IDS_PROPBAG_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042000 The specified property was not found in the property bag.
IDS_PROPBAG_NO_INTERFACE 80042001 The property bag interface could not be found.
IDS_PROPBAG_NULL_PROPERTY 80042002 The specified property was null in the property bag.
IDS_PROPBAGCOLL_OUT_OF_RANGE 8004201E The bag index in the collection was out of range.
IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_NOT_SET 8004203C The database information for the recordset property bag has not been set.
IDS_RSPROPBAG_DBINFO_ALREADY_SET 8004203D The database information for the recordset property bag has already been set.
IDS_PROPBAG_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_NULLABLE 8004203E One of the attributes passed cannot be NULL.
IDS_DATAACCESS_UNEXPECTED 80042300 Unexpected error in data access.  The database connection may not have been opened successfully.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_IS_NOT_ACTIVE 80042600 Workflow process instance is terminated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042601 Expression property not found.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_IS_NOT_COMPLETE 80042602 Workflow process instance is not terminated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_RUNNING_INSTANCES_EXIST 80042603 There are still running instances for this process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_IS_ACTIVE 80042604 The process is activated. You cannot update an activated process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_NOT_ACTIVE 80042605 The process is not activated.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_CLONE_FORUPDATE 80042606 Cannot clone a process for update if the process has not been put in production.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_CANNOT_DELETE_INIT_STEP 80042607 Cannot delete the initial step of the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_CONDITIONID_IN_ACTION_PARAMETER 80042608 Action parameter cannot contain a condition ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_ACTIONID_IN_CONDITION_PARAMETER 80042609 Condition parameter cannot contain an action ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_EVENTYPECODE 8004260A Invalid event type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_REFACTIONID 8004260D Invalid refactionid. The refactionid does not point to a defined action in the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_PARAMETERTYPE 8004260E Missing parameter type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_PARAMETERTYPE 8004260F Invalid parameter type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_DATATYPE 80042610 Invalid data type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_CONDITIONTYPE 80042611 Missing condition type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_CONDITIONTYPE 80042612 Invalid condition type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_RULETYPE 80042613 Missing rule type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_RULETYPE 80042614 Invalid rule type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_NEXTSTEPID 80042616 Invalid nextstepid. The nextstepid does not point to a defined step in the process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_VALUE 80042618 Value missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_ATTRIBUTEID 80042619 AttributeId missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_REFACTIONID 8004261C RefActionId missed in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ONLY_ONE_ACTIVE_PROCESS 8004261D Only one active process allowed for each entity type.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ENTITYTYPE 8004261E Missing entitytype.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_ENTITYTYPE 8004261F Invalid entitytype in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_PROCESSTYPECODE 80042620 Missing processtypecode in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_PROCESSTYPECODE 80042621 Invalid processtypecode in the XML.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ILLEGAL_NEXTSTEPID 80042622 Illegal nextstepid. Either nextstepid is not compatible with rule type, or rule type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_VALUE 80042628 Parameter value is not valid. Either setting parameter value is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_ATTRIBUTEID 80042629 Parameter attributeid is not valid. Either setting parameter attributeid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_REFACTIONID 8004262C Parameter refactionid is not valid. Either setting parameter refactionid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_PARENTID 8004262E Invalid parentid. The parameter parentid does not point to a defined parameter for the same condition or action.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_MISSING_OBJECTID 8004262F ObjectId missing in parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_ILLEGAL_OBJECTID 80042630 Parameter ObjectId is not valid. Either setting parameter objectid is not compatible with parameter type, or parameter type is missed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_EVENTTYPECODE 80042631 Missing event type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ACTIONTYPECODE 80042632 Missing action type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_ACTIONTYPECODE 80042633 Invalid action type code.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_CONDITIONID_IN_CONDITION_PARAMETER 80042634 Missing conditionid in condition parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_ACTIONID_IN_ACTION_PARAMETER 80042635 Missing actionid in action parameter.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_ACTIVATE_PROCESS_TEMPLATE 80042636 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ONLY_ONE_ACTIVE_SALES_PROCESS 80042637 Only one active sales process allowed.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PROCESS_TEMPLATE 80042638 Cannot activate/deactivate a process template.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_INITIALSTEPID 80042639 Missing initialstepid.
IDS_WORKFLOW_INVALID_INITIALSTEPID 8004263A Invalid initialstepid.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MISSING_USERCONTEXT 8004263B Missing user context.
IDS_WORKFLOW_FAILED_LAUNCH_PROCESS 8004263C Failed to start process.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PROCESS_INSTANCE_NOT_IDS_WORKFLOW_EXIST 8004263D Process instance does not exist.
IDS_WORKFLOW_ACTION_INVALID_STEPID 8004263E Action has an invalid step ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_RULE_INVALID_STEPID 8004263F Rule has an invalid step ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_CONDITION_INVALID_RULEID 80042640 Condition has an invalid rule ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_ACTIONID 80042641 Parameter has an invalid action ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_PARAMETER_INVALID_CONDITIONID 80042642 Parameter has an invalid condition ID.
IDS_WORKFLOW_MORE_THAN_ONE_OBJECT_PROCESS_INSTANCE 80042643 Cannot start the object process because another object process instance has already run.
IDS_CP_USER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80042900 The customer portal user does not exist, or the password was incorrect.
IDS_CP_BAD_PASSWORD 80042901 Incorrect password for the specified customer portal user.
IDS_CP_ENCRYPT_FAILED 80042902 Encryption of the supplied password failed.
IDS_CP_DECRYPT_FAILED 80042903 Decryption of the password failed.
IDS_EVAL_UPDATE_SHOULD_HAVE_3_PARAMETERS 80042C00 Update action should have 3 parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ASSIGN_SHOULD_HAVE_4_PARAMETERS 80042C01 Assign action should have 4 parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ALLABORTED 80042C02 Evaluation aborted and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_ABORTED 80042C03 Evaluation aborted and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_COMPLETED 80042C04 Evaluation completed.
IDS_EVAL_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND 80042C05 The required object does not exist.
IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND 80042C06 The required property of the object was not found.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_COMPOUND_KEYS 80042C07 The specified metabase object has compound keys. Compound-key entities are not currently supported.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND 80042C08 The specified metabase attribute does not exist.
IDS_EVAL_PROPERTY_IS_NULL 80042C09 The required property of the object was not set.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ENTITY_NOT_MATCH_QUERY 80042C0A The specified refentityid does not match the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_METABASE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_MATCH_QUERY 80042C0B The specified refattributeid does not match the query for a WFPM_SELECT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ALLCOMPLETED 80042C0C Evaluation completed and further processing has been stopped.
IDS_EVAL_CHANGE_TYPE_ERROR 80042C0D Change type error.
IDS_EVAL_MISS_SELECT_QUERY 80042C0E Missing the query sub-parameter in a select parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ADD_PARAMETER 80042C0F An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ADD parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SUBTRACTION_PARAMETER 80042C10 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_SUBTRACTION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MULTIPLICATION_PARAMETER 80042C11 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MULTIPLICATION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETERS 80042C12 Division parameter can have only two sub-parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVISION_PARAMETER 80042C13 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_DIVISION parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETERS 80042C14 Modulus parameter can have only two sub-parameters.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_MODULUS_PARAMETER 80042C15 An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_MODULUS parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ABS_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_ABS parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GT_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_GE_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_GE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LT_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LT parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_LE_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_LE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EQ_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_EQ parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NE_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_NE parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_BETWEEN_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_BETWEEN parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_IN_PARAMETER   An error occurred when evaluating a WFPM_IN parameter.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_DIVIDED_BY_ZERO 80042C16 Divided by zero.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_ACTIVITY 80042C17 Error in action create activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ACTIVITY_ATTACHMENT 80042C18 Error in action activity attachment.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_ACTIVITY 80042C19 Error in action handle activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_ACTIVITY 80042C1A Error in action unhandle activity.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_NOTE 80042C1B Error in action create note.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_NOTE_ATTACHMENT 80042C1C Error in action note attachment.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_CREATE_INCIDENT 80042C1D Error in action create incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HANDLE_INCIDENT 80042C1E Error in action handle incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UNHANDLE_INCIDENT 80042C1F Error in action unhandle incident.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SEND_EMAIL 80042C20 Error in action send e-mail.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EMAIL_TEMPLATE 80042C21 Error in action e-mail template.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ASSIGN 80042C22 Error in action assign.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_UPDATE 80042C23 Error in action update.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_ROUTE 80042C24 Error in action route.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_SETSTATE 80042C25 Error in action set state.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_POSTURL 80042C26 Error in action post url.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_EXEC 80042C27 Error in action execute.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_HALT 80042C28 Error in action halt.
IDS_EVAL_GENERIC_ERROR 80042C2A Evaluation error.
IDS_EVAL_ERROR_INVALID_RECIPIENT   Invalid e-mail recipient.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_LICENSE 80042F00 The specified license type is invalid.
IDS_LICENSE_USER_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F01 Failed while retrieving user license information. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_FOR_USER 80042F02 The specified license is invalid for the user. There is a license conflict or the user has already been granted the license.
IDS_LICENSE_ID_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F03 Failed while retrieving the license ID. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_NO_USER_LICENSE 80042F04 The specified license is not granted to the user.
IDS_LICENSE_ORG_RETRIEVE_FAILED 80042F05 Failed while retrieving organization license information. Most likely a database error.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_FOR_ORG 80042F06 The specified license is invalid for the organization. There is a license conflict or the organization has already been granted the license.
IDS_LICENSE_CANNOT_DELETE 80042F07 The license cannot be deleted. It is in use by one or more members of the organization.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_LICENSEKEY 80042F08 The license key is invalid.
IDS_LICENSE_NO_LICENSES 80042F09 The user has not been granted any licenses or the user has not been assigned any roles.
IDS_LICENSE_TOO_MANY_USERS 80042F0A The maximum number of users for this license has been reached.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_DEPLOYMENT 80042F0B The deployment has more licenses granted than were purchased.
IDS_LICENSE_WRONG_ORG 80042F0C Cannot retrieve license information for other organizations.
IDS_TIMEBOMB_EXPIRED 80042F0D The evaluation period for Microsoft CRM Beta has expired.
IDS_LICENSE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80042F0E The specified license does not exist for this organization.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALID_UPGRADE_TYPE 80042F0F Cannot upgrade to specified license type.
IDS_LICENSE_INVALIDE_UPGRADE_COUNT 80042F10 Not enough licenses purchased to upgrade.
IDS_CONTRACT_UNEXPECTED 80043200 An unexpected error occurred in Contracts.
IDS_CONTRACT_ACCOUNTMISSING 80043201 Account is required to save a contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATE 80043202 Start date/end date or billing start date/billing end date is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTATE 80043203 The state of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_LINE_INVALIDSTATE 80043204 The state of the contract line item is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDALLOTMENTTYPECODE 80043205 The allotment type code is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043206 The contract template does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043207 The contract does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_LINEITEM_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043208 The contract line item does not exist.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDDATETIME 80043209 The date/time is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_OPENCASESEXIST 8004320A There are open cases against this contract line item.
IDS_CONTRACT_NOLINEITEMS 8004320C There are no contract line items for this contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CUSTOMER 8004320D The customer of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_SERVICE_ADDRESS 8004320E The service address of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_ADDRESS 8004320F The bill-to address of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_BILLTO_CUSTOMER 80043210 The bill-to customer of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACTTEMPLATE 80043211 The contract template is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_OWNER 80043212 The owner of the contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_CONTRACT 80043213 The contract is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_TOTALALLOTMENTS 80043214 The totalallotments is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALID_PRICE 80043215 The price is invalid.
IDS_CONTRACT_TEMPLATE_ABBREVIATIONEXISTS 80043216 The value for abbreviation already exists.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTDATEFORRENEWEDCONTRACT 80043217 The start date of the renewed contract cannot be earlier than the end date of the originating contract.
IDS_CONTRACT_INVALIDSTARTENDDATESFORRENEWEDCONTRACT 80043218 The start date/end date of this renewed contract cannot overlap with any other invoiced/active contracts with the same contract number.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_STATE 80043500 Invalid activity state.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TYPE 80043501 Invalid activity type code.
IDS_ACTIVITY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING 80043502 Activity regarding object ID or type is missing.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_OBJECT_TYPE 80043503 Activity regarding object type is invalid.
IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_ID_OR_TYPE_MISSING 80043504 Activity party object ID or type is missing.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE 80043505 Activity party object type is invalid.
IDS_ACTIVITY_PARTY_OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED 80043506 Cannot create activity party of specified object type.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_REGARDING_OBJECT 80043507 Invalid activity regarding object; it probably does not exist.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_TIME_FORMAT 80043508 Invalid activity time; check format.
IDS_ACTIVITY_INVALID_DURATION 80043509 Invalid activity duration.
IDS_ACTIVITY_DURATION_DOES_NOT_MATCH 8004350A Activity duration does not match start/end time.
IDS_ACTIVITY_NOT_ROUTABLE 8004350B This type of activity is not routable.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_SALESPERSON 80043800 Parent salesperson cannot be empty.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_EMPTY_EFFECTIVEDATE 80043801 Fiscal calendar effective date cannot be empty.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_FOUND 80043802 Duplicate fiscal calendars found for this salesperson/year.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_DUPLICATE_CALENDAR_NOT_ALLOWED 80043803 Fiscal calendar already exists for this salesperson/year.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_TERRITORY_OBJECT_TYPE 80043804 Territories cannot be retrieved by this kind of object.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_MANAGER_NOT_ALLOWED 80043805 Territory manager cannot belong to other territory.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_TERRITORY_NOT_EMPTY 80043806 There are users assigned to this territory.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALPERIOD_INDEX 80043807 Invalid fiscal period index.
IDS_SALESPEOPLE_INVALID_FISCALCALENDAR_TYPE 80043808 Invalid fiscal calendar type.
IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_LESS_THAN_ZERO 80043B00 The low quantity should be greater than zero.
IDS_LOW_QUANTITY_GREATER_THAN_HIGH_QUANTITY 80043B01 The low quantity should be less than high quantity.
IDS_DISCOUNT_RANGE_OVERLAP 80043B02 The new quantities overlap the range covered by existing quantities.
IDS_BASE_UNIT_NOT_DELETABLE 80043B03 The base unit of a schedule cannot be deleted.
IDS_CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_PRICE_LEVEL 80043B04 The price list cannot be deactivated because it is the default price list of an account, contact, or product.
IDS_PRODUCT_NOPRODUCTNUMBER 80043B05 The product number cannot be null.
IDS_PRODUCT_PRODUCTNUMBEREXISTS 80043B06 The product number already exists.
IDS_PRODUCT_INVALID_QUANTITY_DECIMAL 80043B07 The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid.
IDS_DUPLICATE_PRODUCT_PRICE_LEVEL 80043B08 This product and unit combination has a price for this price list.
IDS_PARENT_READ_ONLY   The parent is read-only and cannot be edited.
IDS_MISSING_UOMSCHEDULEID   The unit schedule ID is missing.
IDS_INVALID_BASE_UNIT   The base unit does not belong to the schedule.
IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_EXISTS 80043E00 A loop exists in the subject hierarchy.
IDS_SUBJECT_LOOP_BEING_CREATED 80043E01 Creating this parental association would create a loop in the subject hierarchy.
IDS_SUBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST 80043E02 The subject does not exist.
IDS_QUEUE_MISSING_BUSINESSUNITID 80043E03 Missing businessunitid.
IDS_QUEUE_ORGANIZATION_NOT_MATCH 80043E04 The callers' organization ID does not match the business unit's organization ID.
IDS_ARTICLE_TEMPLATE_CONTAINS_ARTICLES   Cannot change the Knowledge Base article template because there are knowledge base articles using it.
IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SYNCTIME 80044100 The specified synchronization time is invalid. Synchronization times must not be earlier than those returned by the previous synchronization. Please reinitialize your subscription.
IDS_RCSYNC_SUBSCRIPTION_OWNER   The caller ID does not match the subscription owner ID.  Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations.
IDS_RCSYNC_INVALID_SUBSCRIPTION 80044109 The specified subscription does not exist.
IDS_RCSYNC_SUBSCRIPTION_OWNER 8004410A The caller ID does not match the subscription owner ID. Only subscription owners may perform subscription operations.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_STATE_FOR_CREATE 80044400 The case cannot be created against this contract because of the contract state.
IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_CONTRACT_DETAIL 80044401 The contract detail ID is missing.
IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DETAIL_DOES_NOT_MATCH_CONTRACT 80044402 The contract line item is not in the specified contract.
IDS_INCIDENT_CONTRACT_DOES_NOT_HAVE_ALLOTMENTS 80044403 The contract does not have enough allotments. The case cannot be created against this contract.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_STATE 80044404 Incident state is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_ASSOCIATED_ACTIVITY_CORRUPTED 80044405 The activity associated with this case is corrupted.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ACTIVITYTYPECODE 80044406 The activitytypecode is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_ACTIVITYTYPECODE 80044407 The activitytypecode can't be NULL.
IDS_INCIDENT_MISSING_ACTIVITY_OBJECTTYPE 80044408 Missing object type code.
IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CLOSE 8004440A The case cannot be closed because there are open activities for this case.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_ALLOTMENT_TYPE 8004440B The allotment type for the contract is invalid.
IDS_INCIDENT_NULL_SPENT_TIME 8004440C The timespent can't be NULL.
IDS_INCIDENT_INVALID_CONTRACT_LINE_STATE_FOR_CREATE 8004440D The case cannot be created against this contract line item because the contract line item is canceled or expired.
IDS_INCIDENT_CANNOT_CANCEL 8004440E The case cannot be canceled because there are open activities for this case.
IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_PRESENT 8004440F You can either specify a parent contact or account, but not both.
IDS_INCIDENT_PARENTACCOUNT_AND_PARENTCONTACT_NOT_PRESENT 88044410 You should specify a parent contact or account.
IDS_CUSTOMIZATION_TRANSFORMATION_NOTSUPPORTED 80044700 Transformation is not supported for this object.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_OPEN_TEMPFILE   Cannot open temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_GET_FILESIZE   Cannot get temporary attachment file size.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_INVALID_FILESIZE          Attachment file size is too big.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_READ_TEMPFILE   Cannot read temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_IS_EMPTY   Attachment is empty.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_CREATE_TEMPFILE   Cannot create temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_UNMAP_TEMPFILE   Cannot un-map temporary attachment file.
IDS_ATTACHMENT_CANNOT_TRUNCATE_TEMPFILE   Cannot truncate temporary attachment file.

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