Microsoft.CRM.Proxy Enumerations

These enumerations are used as parameters to methods in the Microsoft CRM API. Do not use these enumerations when you are building XML strings. To build XML strings, use the enumerations in Microsoft.CRM.Flags.

The following enumerations are included in the namespace Microsoft.CRM.Proxy.

Enumeration Description
ACTIVITY_PARTY_TYPE Lists activity party types.
ACTIVITY_STATE Lists activity states.
ObjectType Lists the set of possible object types.
PRIVILEGE_DEPTH Lists privilege depths.
QUEUE_TYPE_CODE Lists queue type codes.
ROUTE_TYPE_CODE Lists route type codes.
SAVED_QUERY_TYPE Lists saved query types.
SecurityPrincipalType Contains a list of security principal types.
WORKFLOW_ERROR_SEVERITY Lists workflow error severity.
WORKFLOW_PROCESS_TYPE Lists workflow process types.

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