IMarkupPointer::Left Method

Inspects the content of the container to the left of the markup pointer and optionally moves the pointer one position to the left.


    BOOL fMove,
    IHTMLElement **ppElement,
    long *pcch,
    OLECHAR *pchText


  • fMove
    [in] Value of type BOOL that specifies TRUE if the pointer is to move past the content to the left, or FALSE otherwise. If TRUE, the pointer will move either to the other side of the tag to its left, or up to the number of characters specified by pcch, depending on the CONTEXT_TYPE to the pointer's left.
  • pContext
    [out] Pointer to a MARKUP_CONTEXT_TYPE enumeration value that describes the content to the left of the markup pointer.
  • ppElement
    [out] Address of a pointer to an IHTMLElement interface for the element, if any, that is coming into scope, is exiting scope, or is a no-scope element (such as a br element), as specified by pContext.
  • pcch
    [in, out] Pointer to a variable of type long that specifies the number of characters to retrieve to pchText, if pContext is CONTEXT_TYPE_Text, and receives the actual number of characters the method was able to retrieve. It can be set to NULL or -1, indicating that the method should retrieve an arbitrary amount of text, up to the next no-scope element or element scope transition.
  • pchText
    [out] Pointer to a variable of type OLECHAR that receives the text specified by pcch.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.