Regular Expression Examples

This section contains code examples that illustrate the use of regular expressions in common applications.

In This Section

  • Scanning for HREFS
    Provides an example that searches an input string and prints out all the href="..." values and their locations in the string.
  • Changing Date Formats
    Provides an example that replaces dates of the form mm/dd/yy with dates of the form dd-mm-yy.
  • Extracting URL Information
    Provides an example that extracts a protocol and port number from a string containing a URL. For example, "" returns "http:8080".
  • Cleaning an Input String
    provides an example that strips invalid non-alphanumeric characters from a string.
  • Confirming Valid E-Mail Format
    Provides an example that you can use to verify that a string is in valid e-mail format.