IShellUIHelper2::IsSearchProviderInstalled Method

Determines if a search provider has been installed for the current user and whether it is set as default.


HRESULT IsSearchProviderInstalled(
    DWORD *pdwResult


  • URL
    [in] String that specifies a prefix to the URL for the search provider.
  • pdwResult
    [out, retval] Pointer to an unsigned long integer value that contains return value.
    • 0
      The specified search provider is not installed for the current user.
    • 1
      The specified search provider is installed for the current user.
    • 2
      The specified search provider is installed and is set as the default search provider.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


IShellUIHelper2::IsSearchProviderInstalled was introduced in Windows Internet Explorer 7.

This method indicates whether a specific search provider is installed and is the default search provider for the current user. To determine if a search provider is installed, IsSearchProviderInstalled compares the value of the URL parameter to the list of installed search providers. If any search provider starts with the parameter value, the method indicates a match.

Sites are only allowed to search for providers on the same domain. For example, may search for; however, it cannot search for providers on or other domain names. Searching for providers on different domains generates access denied errors.

See Also

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