IWebBrowser2::Visible Property

Sets or gets a value that indicates whether the object is visible or hidden.


HRESULT IWebBrowser2::get_Visible(VARIANT_BOOL *pBool);
HRESULT IWebBrowser2::put_Visible(VARIANT_BOOL Value);


  • pBool
    Pointer to a variable of type VARIANT_BOOL that receives the visible state of the object.
  • Value
    VARIANT_BOOL that specifies the visible state of the object.

Possible Values

FALSE Default. Object is hidden.
TRUE Object is visible.

Return Value

Returns S_OK to indicate that the operation was successful.


When the Windows Internet Explorer application is first created, it is hidden. It becomes visible after the IWebBrowser2::Navigate method or the IWebBrowser2::GoSearch method is used.

This method only applies when you are automating Internet Explorer. You co-create an instance of Internet Explorer, and then call put_Visible ( TRUE) to show the instance.

The WebBrowser object saves the value of this property, but otherwise ignores it.