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This enumeration contains values that specify a format for a directory service object name.


typedef enum {
  NameUnknown = 0,
  NameFullyQualifiedDN = 1,
  NameSamCompatible = 2,
  NameDisplay = 3,
  NameUniqueId = 6,
  NameCanonical = 7,
  NameUserPrincipal = 8,
  NameCanonicalEx = 9,
  NameServicePrincipal = 10,
  NameWindowsCeLocal = 0x80000001


  • NameUnknown
    Unknown name type.

    Not supported.

  • NameFullyQualifiedDN
    Fully qualified distinguished name.

    Not supported.

  • NameSamCompatible
    Account name, for example, Engineering\JSmith.

    The domain-only version includes trailing backslashes (\\).

  • NameDisplay
    A friendly display name, such as Jeff Smith. The display name is not necessarily the defining relative distinguished name (RDN).

    Not supported.

  • NameUniqueId
    GUID string that the IIDFromString function returns.

    Not supported.

  • NameCanonical
    Complete canonical name. The domain-only version includes a trailing forward slash (/).

    Not supported.

  • NameUserPrincipal
    User principal name.

    Not supported.

  • NameCanonicalEx
    Same as NameCanonical except that the rightmost forward slash (/) is replaced with a newline character (\n), even in a domain-only case.

    Not supported.

  • NameServicePrincipal
    Generalized service principal name.

    Not supported.

  • NameWindowsCeLocal
    Returns the local name passed to the SetCurrentUser function.


Only NameSamCompatible and NameWindowsCeLocal are supported.


Header windows.h
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later

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