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This property specifies whether the Windows Media Player control automatically returns to the clip's starting point after the clip finishes playing or has otherwise stopped. This property is read/write.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player, ActiveMovie


MediaPlayer.AutoRewind [ = bRewind ]


  • bRewind
    Boolean value specifying whether the clip rewinds automatically. If true, the clip rewinds after completion or when it is stopped. The default value is true.


To retain the current position within the clip, set this property to false, or use the Pause method.

The state of the image display window after automatic rewinding is determined by other Windows Media Player control properties. The default behavior is to display the background color of the control.

If the TransparentAtStart property is true, the control becomes transparent after the file finishes playing. If TransparentAtStart is false, the clip image is shown.

If the PlayCount property is greater than 1, the current position returns to zero only after the file is played PlayCount times. Between plays, the last image of the file is shown while play is restarting.

ActiveMovie compatibility mode is only supported through Windows CE .NET 4.1.


Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 3.0 and later

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