National Language Support (NLS) Locale Identifiers

A version of this page is also available for

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This appendix contains detailed information about national language support. The information presented here pertains to locale identifiers, LCTYPE Constants, country/region codes, and language identifiers.

A locale identifier (LCID) is a DWORD value containing the language identifier in the lower word and the sorting ID as well as a reserved value in the upper word. The identifier supplied in an LCID is a standard international numeric abbreviation. This LCID can uniquely identify one of the installed system–defined locales.

Applications can use the MAKELCID macro to create LCID values.

There are two predefined LCID values: LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT is the system default locale, and LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT is the current user's locale.

In This Section

  • Code Pages
    Provides a reference for code pages, the translation tables that the Windows Embedded CE OS uses to enable conversions from ANSI to Unicode.
  • LCTYPE Constants
    Provides a summary of the LCTYPE constants, which are used to hold locale information in Windows Embedded CE.
  • Language Identifiers and Locales
    Provides a table showing the worldwide locales that may be included in the NLS table, and consequently in your OS design. Each locale has a locale identifier (LCID), a language, a sublanguage or locale, a language code, and depends on a certain code page.