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This property contains the base URL. This property is read-only.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player


[ "sURL" = ] MediaPlayer.BaseURL


  • sURL
    String value specifying the base URL.


Commands can be embedded among the sounds and images of an .asf file.

A command is a pair of Unicodeā„¢ strings associated with a designated time in the stream.

When the stream reaches the time associated with the command, the Windows Media Player control sends a ScriptCommand event with two parameters: one specifying the type of command being sent, and the other specifying the command.

The Windows Media Player control uses the type parameter to determine how it processes the command parameter. Any type of command can be embedded in an ASF stream to be handled by the ScriptCommand event.

One type of command is a URL. URLs received by the Windows Media Player control are invoked automatically in the user's default browser if the value of the InvokeURLs property is true.

The URL sent to the Windows Media Player control is processed relative to the base URL specified by the BaseURL property. The base URL is concatenated with the relatively specified URL, resulting in a fully specified URL that is passed as the command parameter by the ScriptCommand event.

The base URL is concatenated with the relative URL as follows:

  • A trailing forward slash ("/") is added to the value of the BaseURL property.
  • Leading period ("."), backward slash ("\"), and forward slash characters are deleted from the relative URL.

The relative URL is added to the end of the base URL.

All slashes in the resulting fully qualified URL are pointed in the same direction (converted to forward or backward slashes) based on the direction of the first slash character in the new URL.

The Windows Media Player control supports the use of two periods ("..") in the relative URL to indicate the parent of the current location.


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