ISearchQueryHelper::put_QuerySelectColumns Method

Sets the columns (or properties) requested in the select statement.


HRESULT put_QuerySelectColumns(      
    LPCWSTR pszSelectColumns


  • pszSelectColumns
    [in, unique] Pointer to a comma-delimited, null-terminated Unicode string that specifies one or more columns in the property store. Separate multiple column specifiers with commas: "System.Document.Author,System.Document.Title".

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


No defined and fixed set of properties applies to all documents. For this reason, the SQL asterisk is not permitted in the <columns> setting. For a list of valis Shell system properties, refer to System Properties.

The DSearch code sample, available on Code Gallery and the Windows 7 SDK, demonstrates how to create a class for a static console application to query Windows Search using the Microsoft.Search.Interop assembly for ISearchQueryHelper.

See Also

ISearchQueryHelper::get_QuerySelectColumns, System Properties