Using Windows Server AppFabric Management Tools Overview

The AppFabric management experience gives you two ways to manage an application: using the IIS Manager extensions for AppFabric or executing AppFabric cmdlets.

Managing an Application Using the IIS Manager

AppFabric provides you with a simplified management experience for applications built using .NET Framework 4 WCF and WF. This management experience consists of administrative functionality built on top of the IIS Manager. With the IIS Manager extensions for AppFabric, you can configure, control, and monitor applications.

The AppFabric Management User Interface layer is built on top of the AppFabric scripting API layer. The IIS Manager extensions make configuring, monitoring, or controlling an application as easy as navigating through a series of UI screens.

Managing an Application Using AppFabric Cmdlets

You can invoke cmdlets in the Windows PowerShell console to perform many management tasks that you can do in the IIS Manager extensions. Some management tasks can only be done in AppFabric cmdlets. If you choose to invoke a cmdlet through the Windows PowerShell console, you can manage your application interactively or in an automated fashion through a script.

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