Community Resources for Visual Web Developer

Community is a vital part of working with Visual Web Developer. The ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer communities offer news, information, support, and tools that help you create Web sites of your own.

This topic lists community resources that can help you work effectively with Visual Web Developer.



ASP.NET Web site

The official ASP.NET site. Includes news, tutorials, support, starter kits, and many tools for download.

Microsoft ASP.NET Developer Center

The MSDN site for ASP.NET development, a central location that brings together content from many different sources. Includes articles, downloads, and blog feeds.

ASP.NET support forums Web site

The support forums on the ASP.NET site, visited every day by thousands of knowledgeable users. The site includes forums for many different aspects of ASP.NET and Visual Web Developer, and offer assistance to both new and experienced users.

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