ASP.NET Mobile Controls Samples

ASP.NET provides a number of samples to help you understand how to write mobile Web applications. The ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart contains a number of illustrations in addition to the samples listed in the following table. The links to the samples below are in the Samples and Resources section of the QuickStart.



Writing an e-mail control

Demonstrates a custom control (MobileSMTPControl) that allows users to send SMTP e-mail from their mobile devices.

Writing a TimerForm control

Demonstrates how to extend the Form control to provide forms that contain client-side timers or refreshes.

FM Expense Reporting

Demonstrates a fictitious company's Web-based expense reporting tool that is available on the Internet.

IBuySpy mobile portal

Demonstrates a starter kit for an intranet or Internet portal application, with support for both desktop and mobile browsers. The IBuySpy Portal is available on the Internet.

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