DocumentClient.CreateDocumentAsync Method

Creates a document as an asychronous operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client (in Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client.dll)


Public Function CreateDocumentAsync ( _
    documentCollectionLink As String, _
    document As Object, _
    options As RequestOptions _
) As Task(Of ResourceResponse(Of Document))
Dim instance As DocumentClient 
Dim documentCollectionLink As String 
Dim document As Object 
Dim options As RequestOptions 
Dim returnValue As Task(Of ResourceResponse(Of Document))

returnValue = instance.CreateDocumentAsync(documentCollectionLink, _
    document, options)
public Task<ResourceResponse<Document>> CreateDocumentAsync(
    string documentCollectionLink,
    Object document,
    RequestOptions options
Task<ResourceResponse<Document^>^>^ CreateDocumentAsync(
    String^ documentCollectionLink, 
    Object^ document, 
    RequestOptions^ options
member CreateDocumentAsync : 
        documentCollectionLink:string * 
        document:Object * 
        options:RequestOptions -> Task<ResourceResponse<Document>> 
public function CreateDocumentAsync(
    documentCollectionLink : String, 
    document : Object, 
    options : RequestOptions
) : Task<ResourceResponse<Document>>


  • documentCollectionLink
    Type: System.String
    The self-link of the collection to create the document in.

Return Value

Type: System.Threading.Tasks.Task<ResourceResponse<Document>>
The task object representing the service response for the asynchronous operation.

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