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From the Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) query results screen, you can export the query results to other software. This topic covers downloading your query results to a .CSV file. To download your query results to PowerPivot, see Download from the Marketplace to PowerPivot.


Before you proceed, you must have:

  • A valid Microsoft ID or Org ID.
    If you need a Microsoft ID go to the Windows Live home page and sign-up for an ID.

  • A valid Marketplace account. If you do not have a Marketplace account, go to Create Your Marketplace Account and follow the instructions there.

  • A subscription to a dataset of interest. If you have not subscribed to a dataset, go to Subscribe to a Data Offer and follow the instructions there.

  • A dataset that you have queried using Service Explorer. (See Query a Dataset for more information.)

Downloading your query result set to Excel or a CSV file

After you query a dataset using Service Explorer (See Query a Dataset for more information.), your download options are listed in the upper right of the results screen. (Figure 1)

Download Options

Figure 1 - Download options

  1. Click Excel (CSV)

    Download to a CSV file or Excel
    Figure 2: Download to Excel or a CSV file

  2. When presented with the dialog informing you of how many transactions this download will consume, decide whether you want to continue with the download or cancel it, then click OK or Cancel. (Figure 3)

    Continue download or cancel
    Figure 3 – CSV download dialog

  3. After the download completes, select Open, Save or Cancel.

    • Open – launches Excel and populates a worksheet with the query results.

    • Save – saves the query results as a .CSV file.
      If you click the down arrow on Save, then select Save As, you can specify where to save the .CSV file.

    • Cancel – terminates the process.
      However, since the download has already taken place you have consumed the specified number of transactions.

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